100ma medical diagnostic X-ray machine


<br />Specifications:<br />Power output: 10KVA<br />High voltage generator: Frequency 50HZ 1Hz<br />Maximum. Voltage: 100KV<br />Maximum. Current: 100mA<br />Endoscopy: the tube voltage: 50-90KV<br />Tube current: 0.5-5mA<br />X-ray Time: tube voltage: 50-100KV<br /> tube current<br />Time: 0.04-6S<br />Power supply: 220V or 380V<br /><br />Features:<br />1, and one bed and one lamp.<br />2, the design according to the mechanism of electric medium-sized machine.<br />3, and high-tension system is one of the building last March. Equipped afullwave<br />Correct high-voltage generator and independent X-ray tube unit, with large<br />Energy production and operation of reliable and stable.<br />4, and are equipped with manostat clues from X-ray tube and the spacecharge<br />Compensator to ensure the production of a stable and accurate.<br />5, equipped with the ability and the reduction of the sphere of protection and KvmA<br />sinterlock reduction and protection.<br />6, the timing of the adoption of digital circuits, and the degree of in accordance with the priority coefficient R'10<br />It can control the exact time.<br />7, the test bed is rotating back and is equipped with electric shaking<br />Filter-ray device.<br />8, the device can spot film luminescent screen of a jacket from the film<br />Various sizes and can make the imaging of films and full twosectional<br />Separately.<br />9, and another has a path straight down only, which is easy whileinstallation.<br /><br />Application:<br />The device can be used on endoscopic, radiographic joint, beam filtration<br />Can be used radiography and functions of the digestive system, and with the vertical beam<br />Filtration unit radiography.

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