10G XFP compatible with Cisco


<br />CISCOHP3COMBROCADEPACKET front Alcatel ZYXEL compatible<br /><br />Description<br />1 850nm; 1310nm; diode laser transmitter 1550nm<br />2 requests from 100m to 80km<br />3 Protocol Agnostic: Support OC192STM-64, and 10 Fibre Channel G, G.709, and10 G Ethernet<br />4 Compatible with XFP MSA<br />5 compatible with the eye mask OC192STM-64 6DB extinction ratio over temperature<br />6 advanced digital diagnostic<br />7 temperature monitoring device and the voltage<br />8 the stability of output power over temperature low tracking error<br />9 Low power consumption<br />10 0-70 C temperature<br />11 and the management interface SIO<br />12 container, metal die cast for low EMI<br />13 compliant with RoHS and lead-free<br /><br />Applications<br />1 10 Gb s SONET SDH<br />2 port 10Gigabit Ethernet<br />3 Fiber Channel port 10Gigabit<br /><br /><br />Request for Information:<br /><br />XFP 10G<br />Part number data rate Wavelenth distance pack heat.<br />DW-85192-XFP SR-10G 850 300M XFP 0 70<br />DW-31192-XFP-LR's XFP 10G 1310 SDH 10KM 0 70<br />DW-31192-XFP-LRK for Ethernet 10G 1310 XFP 10KM 0 70<br />DW-55192-XFP-ER for10G SDH or Ethernet 1550 40KM XFP 0 70<br />DW-55192-XFP ZR-10G 1550 80KM XFP 0 70

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