10KV or Lower voltage cable insulation air


<br />Applications<br />It consists of aluminum and copper AL alloy conductor, inside the shielding layer, and weather-proof insulating material and outer layer shielding. It's not just the letter transmitting power from power cable, but the mechanical nature of the cables strong wind as well. In comparison with bare wire, it boasts many advantages such as a small period in the development of cable, high reliability and safety, character and good aging resistance. This is the first priority of the newly designed and built power and forward the draft 10KV or less.<br /><br />Executive standard<br />1KV isolation antenna cables: GB12527-90 with reference to IEC227, IEC60502;<br />10KV cable insulation antenna: GB14049-93<br /><br />Working conditions<br /> Voltage: 1KV, 10KV;<br /> in the long term rather than the work of the temperature in the cable: with PVC insulation: 70 , with the isolation of XLPE: 90 <br /> The highest temperature of the cable at a time of short circuit: with PVC insulation: 160 , with the isolate density: 150 , with the isolation of XLPE: 250 <br />The environment should be temperature is not lower than 20 for the development of cable.<br /> instead of bending radius of cable:<br />1. The cable of rated voltage under 1KV: should be at least 4D for cable with outer diameter less than 25mm, but should be no less than 6D of the cable with outer diameter of 25mm or more<br />2. Cable to estimate voltage 10KV: cable one substance: 20 D d 5 mm; multi-core cable: 15 D d mm 5. In the above formula: D-actual outer diameter of cable; d actual outer diameter connector

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