11KV S9, Sz9 series Oil Submersible Power Adapter


<br />11KV S9, SZ9 oil immersed power transformers series<br /><br /><br /><br />Instructions<br /><br />Converter adapter is internal, which have been isolated from the surrounding air, and thus the transport of oil can not absorb moisture, oxygen, and the outside to be fixed since the change in the size of the converter with flexible corrugated structure of the tank. Will then be slowed aging of insulating materials. Before you run the machine, and the work of checking the basic comment is not necessary. Customers can also be free of maintenance and compensation at a later time. Is a clear upgrade the reliability of the products. Products are designed with PCCAD, and is compatible with the characters to the IEC 60076 and GB 1094, and passed qualification ISO 9001.<br /><br />Coil is a highly polished wire of density or wrapped in wire and sheet. The form of a bucket or a cake, cabbage evenly and install them. Isolation structure is reasonable, and strong anti-shortcut capability. And all the nails do not become loose after a long journey. All parts sealed using rubber, which can be effective anti-aging by light, heat, electricity, emote also thermometer for control and pressure release valves that increase reliability.<br /><br /><br /><br />Characteristics<br /><br /><br /><br />1. Can not be for devices such as the oil reservoir, and the absorption of moisture stress can be used oil to be in isolation from the air and oil for 20 years in a row without any treatment at a later time<br /><br />2. High qualified rubber used to seal<br /><br />3. Oil in the case of filling a vacuum

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