1200mm 11W T5 LED Tube


<br />1200mm 11W T5 LED Tube Specifications: Power: 11W Unit size: 1200 16mm LED quantity: Luminous efficiency 171PCS: 90LM W Input voltage: AC85-277V voltage output: 57V0.144A luminous flux: 1100LM operating frequency: 50-60HZ surrounding Temperature: -20-50 Humidity surroundings: more than 65, which makes the color of the cursor: power factor 70Ra: 0.95 is equal to traditional fluorescent: 30W Material: aluminum alloy fin cooling features cover PC: 1. Good heat dissipation: the use of aluminum alloys of high thermal conductivity as the main heat dissipation, and good heat dissipation performance. 2. An easy alternative: Replace traditional light tube directly. 3. LED sources: Applied with the highest level of brightness, LED low, and alleviation of age is more 50000hrs 4. Optional multi-input voltage: wide input voltage AC voltage design, and adapt to a different voltage range. 5. Protection of the environment: There are no harmful radiate spectrums such as UV or infrared and attention included: Please use and install as instructed. Do not hit or press with a heavy material handling and transfer, please gently. Do not bend when the light energy. Tube warm light is normal when the power is on do not touch the lamp when the power.

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