230W and solar module polycrystalline


<br />Model: CY-TD230 Maximum power: 230W Tolerance level: 5 Maximum power voltage VM: 30V Maximum power current Im: 7.67A Open circuit voltage VOC: 35.40V Short circuit current ISC: 8.43A Voltage reduction system Max: 1000 V DC solar cells and the type of arrangement: polycrystalline 156x156mm 60pcs 6x10pcs type of junction box: TUV certified junction box temperature coefficient of the evening: -0.45 Temperature coefficient of volatile organic compounds: -0.35 temperature coefficient of ISC: 0.05 standard test conditions: AM1.5 25 1000W Temperature range: -40 85 of unit size: 1650 992 45 mm Weight of Module: Packing 22Kg: 2pcscarton outer carton size: 1680 1080 130mm Gross weight carton: 48Kg Certificate: CE Warranty ROHS.TUV IEC61215: 5 years full product, 90 of the force 10 years and 80 of the energy for 25 years.

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