2stroke 2HP ce corresponding to an external drive


<br />Detailed Product Description<br /><br /><br />1. Certificate: CE approved<br />2. Engine Type: 2 stroke<br />3. Power: 2HP<br />4. Price: competitive price<br /><br /><br />Overall length of the outboard engine 550 21.6<br />Outboard engine 220 generally display 8.6<br />920 outboard engine heigth overall 36.2<br />Outboard engine bar high 417 16.4<br />External weight 8 engine<br />Outboard engine running full throttle range 4000-5500<br />Outboard maximum motor output 1.4 2HP 5000<br />External loss of engine speed in neutral 1400-1500<br />Engine Type 2 STROKE outboard engine<br />Cylinders with an outboard engine<br />Outboard engine displaced 43<br />Outboard engine Bore x Stroke 40x34 1.57x1.34<br />Outboard engine ignition system TCI<br />External motor control system-Harith<br />Outboard engine from the manual system<br />External car parking and equipment <br />External lime ratio 2.08 2713<br />Trim external car and tilt TILT MANUAL system<br />Outboard engine fuel tank capicity 1.1 integrated<br />Outboard motor fuel tank Separate capicity <br />External motor fuel 0.6 the maximum waste<br />Outboard motor engine oil and fuel capacity: oil ratio: 25:1<br />External gear oil capacity of the engine 45<br />Options drive an external propeller 3x7 14 "X5"

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