3.6m inflatable boat with sports form D


<br />Sport boats, tube made before yellow color scheme, light gray back.<br /><br />360cm overall length<br />Beam display 170cm<br />45cm diameter tube<br />Air chambers 3 1 model<br />Max HP 20<br />Maximum load of 689kgs<br /><br />Standard equipment<br /><br />One pair of aluminum paddles two-piece anodized<br /><br />Marine plywood seat-row seat<br /><br />Foot or hand pump<br /><br />Several reform<br /><br /><br />Optional equipment<br /><br />Bow storage bag<br /><br />Under the seat bag<br /><br />Boat cover<br /><br />Anchor line<br /><br />Folding anchor<br /><br /><br />Optional floorboard<br /><br />Marine grade plywood floor<br /><br />Air on the deck inflatable<br /><br />Aluminum<br /><br />VIB floor<br /><br />Honey aluminum floorboard

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