3000W solar and wind power inverter


<br />Input characteristics<br />Input nominal voltage DC 24V<br />Entering the frequency 60HZ 50HZ or 10<br />Output characteristics<br />Nominal voltage 120VAC RMS 230VAC<br />3000W continuous power output<br />9000W Surge Output Rating<br />Output voltage regulation 10 RMS<br />Output frequency 60HZ 50HZ or 0.3<br />Nominal output efficiency by 85<br />Wave output wave form of Pure Sine<br />Power factor from 0.9 to 1.0<br />Charger features<br />Input voltage 194-243VAC<br />Output voltage depending on the battery<br />Current 35A 70A<br />Transfer characteristics<br />Switch rated 30amp or 40 amp<br />Line trasferring 10ms<br />Protection of properties<br />Overload protection circuit breaker<br />Short circuit the circuit breaker, shut down after 10 seconds<br />Exceeded Yes, is not connected when the battery<br />21V low battery warning<br />Hight 32V voltage alarm<br />Closure of more than one charge, 15.7V to 12V<br />Mechanical properties<br />Dimension L W H 44.5 22 18cm<br />Weight 22kgs

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