35W HID Diving light


<br />1. New 35W light bulbs diving<br />2. Works underwater 100M<br />3. Irradiation distance: 500m<br />4. Lithium Rechargeable: 6600m<br /><br />HID diving light laptops<br /><br />The use of light from the lamp system, the latest HID, HID super bright bulb is more efficient and more electrical power to save the light of the lamp standard disappeared as it seems as white bright sunlight. And penetrability in the outdoor is further than any traditional halogen lights.<br /><br /><br />Product Features:<br /><br />Working environment temperature -20 50 C<br /><br />Starting temperature of the environment 0 50 C<br /><br />Degree waterproof 120m underwater<br /><br />Light up the time constant 120mins<br /><br />Brightness 2500LM<br /><br />Lamp life span 3000hrs<br /><br />After irradiation 500<br /><br />Color temperature 6000K<br /><br />Optical efficiency 60LM W<br /><br />Article ALU<br /><br />Weight 1.56kg<br /><br />Size: 215.7 88.2mm<br /><br />Electrical parameters:<br /><br />Ballast input voltage<br />9 16V<br /><br />12.6V working voltage<br /><br />2A current work<br /><br />Max starting current 8A<br /><br />35W output power<br /><br />Maximum output voltage temporary: 23KV<br /><br />Put battery ICR18650X3S3P 6600mAh<br /><br />Battery charge voltage 12.6V 0.1V<br /><br />Battery life<br />Charge and discharge times 500 times

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