3D crystal engraving machine Stndp-802ab4


<br />STNDP-802AB4 is a type of crystal engraving machine, 3D LCDs that have a good group structure. Smaller device size, low weight and can be placed in a box facility package that can move easily in every place. It is the best option to make the inscription 3D2D crystal in a town or village samll Holiday Gifts for the birth or other.<br /><br />Wuhan compatibility Laser Co., Ltd. Hubei, China<br />Model STNDP-802AB4<br />Pump diode laser ND: YAG laser 532nm<br />Frequency of the laser power supply: 2000hz<br />Laser engraving heads: 1 scanner<br />Way to control the movement: XYZ axis plus 1 scanner five dominant dimension<br />Speed drilling 100000-120000 points min<br />Pattern size 400x300x100 mm<br />DPI 500<br />Power AC220V 50Hz or AC110V 60HZ Power 1KW<br />Work envelope T 10-35 C RH 70<br />One year warranty<br />Weight: approx. 102Kg<br />After LxWxH: 960 760 770mm

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