4-CH node video data voice Ethernet optical transmitter


<br />Features: 1, card type from the type or stand-alone for your choice; appropriate to focus in the management of rack 4U 2, encoding 10 digits and non-compression video transmission 3, and support any video signal HD 4, compatible with automatic PAL, NTSC and SECAM tape format Video 5 , support for video relay regenerative sound, and video transmission can have access to the top of 200km 6, SNMP support advanced standards, and achieve long distances on the Internet to monitor 7, the LED indicator on the power and other status parameter, and monitoring of the reality of the operation time 8, fragmented and industrial reliability designed to ensure that targeted industries flexibility: 1 intelligent transportation, and control system ITS 2, high-speed road supervisory Tele-communication system 3, the protection of the security system, TV and medical treatment 4, the long-distance Muti and the media in the school, and monitoring the campus 5, and transport long-distance television transmission system 6, the High Commissioner for building protection, security and military projects Tele com

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