4 channel wireless smart learning remote gate opener SH-kzq002


<br />This is an application for up to 4 channel for learning after the opening of the gate, it can control all mechanical equipment, such as engine foreward and vice versa, rolling curtain, and light and off, and so on. Item No.:. SH-KQZ002 Technical data: 1. Working voltage: 12v 2. Static current: 6mA 3. Working temperature: -40 C-80 C 4. Receive sensitivity: -105dBm 5. Work frequency: 315433MHz can be customized 6. Output voltage: DC AC optional 7. Current output: 3A 8. Dimension: 72mm 52mm 26mm 9, it can be re-30pcs instructions for remote control: 1. Will press the button to learn from the receiver in the light flashing sec.the 2 3 times.Then click on any button remote control. When I heard the sound of the relay, which means that you have a copy already successful. 2. Click on the button to learn from the recipient within 3 sec. In the light flashing 3 times. Which means that you delete all symbols successful. 3. If you want to learn more of the remote control, press the button to learn from the receiver until the red light blinking 1 time and then press any button on the remote control. Because it works.

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