400 g of tomato paste, canned


<br />Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer TIANLI Food Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in the sale of tomatoes, processing and export, the company is located in the province of the Interior Bayannaoer Mongolia in the loop of the Yellow River, with the environment, unique geographical and climatic conditions comfortable facilities, water conservation, and light enough, the difference in large temperature between night and day for the production of higher raw material green, pollution-free, lycopene tomato HMC high and low, and provide assurance of reliable quality for our products.<br /><br />We supply tomato paste Brix 18-20 concentration of 0.22 to 24 Brix 0.28 to 30 Brix, 30-32 Brix, Brix 36-38.<br /><br />Packaging Details: 70gx50tins, 70gx100tins, 140gx50tins, 210gx48tins, 400gx24tins, 425gx24tins, 800gx12tins, 850gx12tins, 1000gx12tins, 2200gx6tins, 3000gx6tins, 4500gx6tins or in drums

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