50watts glass aquarium heater


<br />Product name: heater glass<br />Model: N70-50<br />Power: 50W<br />Voltage: AC220-240V AC110-120V; 5060HZ<br />Body size: 16cmL2cmD<br />Cable length: 1M<br />Ingredients: Ingredients apartment<br />Package szie: 19 8 3.8cm<br /><br />Fund Size: 48 42 39cm<br /><br />Quantity: 120pcsBox<br />Attribute:<br />Rang a bell, which controls the temperature 16-32 degrees: 1<br /><br />C or from 61 to 90 degrees<br /><br />F<br />2: Precision Temperature Control: 1 <br />Can immersibled completely in water: 3<br />4: Isolation of a dual seal<br />5: fresh water and sea water conditioning<br />6: products and reasonable prices, and low power<br /><br />Consumption, long<br /><br />It can chossed life, a mix of easy, a variety of colors<br /><br />Of yourself

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