5W charger


<br />1. Small size, high efficiency and reliable;<br />2. Input: 100-240V AC, Frequency: 50-60HZ; Surge 30A240V;<br />3. Directed by: voltage tolerance -5, ripple and noise MVP-P 1, output voltage, startup time 1S, hold up time 20ms when input 240V and micro 100;<br />4. Building in more than the current, more than, short circuit protection of load, and automatically restored;<br />5. Isolation: input and output 3000VAC10mA 1 minitue, or 3600VAC10mA 1 second; input case: 3000VAC10mA 1 minute or 3600VAC10mA 1 second;<br />6. Operating temperature: 0 40, 5 -90 RH; Storage temperature: -20 85;<br />7. EMC: EN55022B, GB9254. FCC, VCCI;<br />8. Agreement Safty: CCC, UL, GS, the Palestine, m. KO, SAA. BSI

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