5x5m aluminum and plastic party tent


<br />Aluminum party tent ISO 9001:2000, SGS flame retardant, water-proof and UV resistant Ezz follow-up structure Best prices and quality 5x5m aluminum and plastic party tent 1. Specifications Specifications of the party tents Span length 5M 3M 6M 9M 12M 15M 18M leg etc. Bay View 3M distance 82 46 2.5mm 2.6m high side ridge height of 3.6m high reinforced framework materials 6061T6 aluminum, fabrics oxydic material PVC double fabric of polyester-coated, flame retardant to B1 4102 DIN, M2, water proof, and anti-UV, and the cover of the roof is 850g square meters and is completely transparent window material 0.5mm Yves PVC thickness of the contact galvanized steel the life of the introduction of the worker does not least 5 years when I moved a lot and as long as 8 years in the case of working steadily TEMP -25 C 55 C, max. Allowed wind speed of 80 km h 2. Accessories Optional Protocol to include PVC windows and glass door system, hard wall system, and the lining, curtains, and the system of flooring, carpet, light, fixture, table and chairs, air conditioning, ground anchoring, rain gutter, etc. 3. Quickly set up the structure of plastic material simply slots into the channels in a framework of aluminum - no tapes required Benjie or tools 4. The advantage of using a temporary or permanent, land area used 100 Meet all building codes, fire and safety Flame, and water proof. Global sales

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