660 of liters bin


<br />Cover model apartment is the evolution of custom, and the integration of several enhancements to create a smoother design. This means lower operating costs, and safer and easier process of dealing with the most powerful, re-design of the body, and the promotion of housing, wheel base and building comb, cover flexible to resist the strain maximum, less wear and tear - increased life expectancy and improve the characterstics discharge, reinforced and protected hinge. Sort parts of the world and share easily - requiring less spare parts in stock. Smooth surface in the base - which makes for easy cleaning. Less susceptible to wind and rain handles 4, a safe and comfortable cover. Ready to use with recycling slots, and the different options. EN 840 certificate. Optimal space allocation of marks. Environmentally friendly, long service life, suitable for recycling Frost resistance resistant to high chemical resistance to UV Optional hot stamp text engraved on the recycling lid foot pedal cover the application of biological risks and standards for the manufacture of medical devices resistant pipette

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