AC-103m Y5u-250V ceramic capacitors


<br />Product Details Place of Origin Guangdong, China mainland<br />Model number AC Y2-y5u-103m-250V<br />Type ceramic capacitors<br />Hight voltage application<br />Hole package type of thought<br />Capacity 10000pf<br />250V voltage<br />Operating temperature -25 - 125 C<br /><br />List Description AC capacitor<br />1.D Max 19.0mm<br />5.0 mm Max <br />3 operating temperature from 0.25 to 125 c<br />4.lead Space: 10 to 1.0<br />Detailed description of the AC capacitor<br /><br /><br /><br />Place of Origin: China Model Number Mainland: type Y2-y5u-103m-250V: AC ceramic capacitor capacity: 10000pf voltage: 250V<br /><br />Operating temperature from 0.25 to 125 c 0.035<br /><br /><br />FOB price<br />Shenzhen Port<br />Payment Terms T T<br />Minutes. Order Quantity 5000 pieces parts<br />Production capacity of 100 million pieces pieces month<br />Details of packaging and packing: in bulk or in a box registered<br />Packing style: colophone epoxy packaging<br /><br />Delivery on time in six days

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