Activated carbon


<br />Tianjing XChem International Corp Office Xuanzhong Shanxi Chemical Industry Co., established and run the factory in 1988. We were proud certified by ISO9002 in 1999. The total output of activated carbon about 21,000 tons per year. Our products strictly as per JIS and ASTM standard has been exporting 90 of our products to the United States, Europe and Japan, etc. We can also offer customized products as required. We chose converted into charcoal briquettes Shenfu the highest quality for the production of cylindrical activated carbon pellet extruded, activated carbon, granular activated carbon, powder activated carbon, impregnated activated carbon, and acid-washed carbon and water-washed carbon and carbon-coated and other water treatment both and vapor treatment phase now, we have sales of shares to be converted into activated carbon templates as follows:. The number of iodine 1100.10 ash ash 15, the number of iodine 1050, Ash 10 15 of the ash, and number of iodine 1000.10 ash ash 13, and the number of iodine 950, Aah10 13 of ash, and the number of Iodine 900.10 ash, ash 13, and 9-mm extruded activated carbon for removal of nitrate and desulfuration of the power plant. Anthracite filter from 0.8 to 1.2 mm, 1.0 to 2.0 mm, etc.. Powdered activated carbon with a number of iodine in 500 700 600, etc.. If you have any interest do not hesitate to contact us.We would love to do our best to start cooperation with us for long periods.

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