<br />The Director Group Co., Ltd., in operation since 1996 and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of car turntables and revolving system and parking, heavy turntables turntables and supply in China. Turntables we have applied our own research car turntables, and the system of parking, with CE and ISO certificate. The advantages are smooth, reliable revolving process, and a long life with minimum wear and tear. Since 2003, we have devoted to the market situation from the outside. So far, have been exported turntables to North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. By selecting the Group Director of the company, turntables, Ltd. and the system of parking you can be assured of reliability, honesty and mechanics quality shop cars are usually used elevators included multi-function to change the oil, and the reform of the silencer and the reform movement, according to Ali. Integration of multiple runways last four posts that support the lifting of the surface of the vehicle. It allows you to work under the car with easy access to the underside of the car. Cars can easily roll in and out of multiple other lifts. These elevators lift cars from the frames and also allows for use in wheel alignment adjustments.

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