Adhesive heating pad


<br />Adhesive heating pad warm, and ease the burden of soothing muscle aches, arthritis, pain in the air-activated, self-adhesive safe to back, odorless, small thin, easy to use, and the average temperature is environmentally safe is 52 degrees Celsius during the 12 hours of physical therapy temperature of the main component of iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, and wood powder, salt, warter technical data size of the net weight Ave. Maximum temperature temperature heating time 13.3cmx10cm 45gpc 53 C 65 C 12 hours characteristics of the product to use heat therapy to relieve aches and pains from arthritis, stiff joints, low back pain, tight muscles, strains of a minor, tension and stress, and convulsions. Can be used in different areas such as the back and elbow, shoulder and hip. Can be used by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, spector.Skiers, construction workers, anyone who hate cold weather. Trends simply open the outer package and remove the patch and expose the heat patch in hot air. Remove the paper again and commit the patch to the outside of your underwear. Caution Do not place the adhesive side directly to the patch skin.Personal heat will warm gradually; warmth will continue until 12 hours. The external skin only.Check used regularly and remove the heating pad if it becomes very uncomfortable. Do not use in combination with massage creams, lotions or products of the type of analgesic ointment. Do not apply hot pack to break the skin or sensitive. Do not use while sleeping, with infants, in frost bite, or on the skin of explosives. Do not open or puncture the contents of the internal patch.If come into contact with mouth, skin or eyes, flush immediately with cold water.Keep out of the reach children.If swallowed, contact poison control center. No re-use or the use of heat in one of the microwave.For only.Dispose after use. It should be that people with sensitive skin, and nerve damage of diabetes, or circulatory problems with your doctor before use.

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