Adjust Digimaster II odometer tool


<br />Features<br />1. BMW 7 SER E65 CAS via OBD-II<br />2. Newer types of BMW 1357SER and CAS E87E90E91E60E6XE66<br />Across the cluster connectivity<br />3. BMW MINI SER after 2003, the Land Rover modified block SER.<br />4. Mercedes-Benz block SER S E C and EIS and modified ignition<br />5. BENZ W203W211 cluster via cluster components, no need to program EIS<br />6. . AUDI VW Benz BMW cars SER via OBD-II<br />7. Hyundai Peugeot Renault Honda Picasso modified block NEC CPU<br />8. MOTOROLA SER programming the CPU.<br /><br />Introduction<br />1. Digital odometer adjustment<br />2. Removing the Radio<br />3. Airbag-off<br />4. Immobiliser PIN code reading<br />5. ECU memory programming<br />6. Updated through the Internet<br />7. Support all types of vehicles last.<br />8. It can display images on srceen Digimaster consequences<br /><br />Properties<br />1. Local control: touch screen, keyboard<br />2. Remote Control: PC link site<br />3. LCD: 320 240 TFT real color srcreen<br />4. Port: port, USB, a series of adapter port<br />5. Power supply: 12V DC<br />6. Card CF: 1GB<br />7. Multilingual to choose<br /><br />DIGI vehiclel the main list Odometer available<br /><br />Version models the way the manufacturer adapter memory location<br />Alfa 147 NEC CPU welding contacts NEC Cluster<br />Alfa 147 C86 - 2002 V1 Memory OBP cluster directly<br />Alfa 147 C86 V2 Memory OBP cluster directly<br />Alfa GT C86 Memory OBP cluster directly<br />Alfa 166 CS56 - 2002 memory directly OBP cluster<br />Alfa GTV MCU welding ICP mass communication<br />Alfa Romeo 156 MCU welding ICP mass communication<br />Alfa Romeo 156 MCU 99 welding ICP mass communication<br />Alfa Romeo 156 MCU 2002 welding ICP mass communication<br />Alfa Romeo 166 MCU welding ICP mass communication<br /><br /><br />Digimaster vehicle Audio Available<br />BE0728 BE0729 BE0780 BE0830 BE0837 BE0876<br />BE0879 BE0881 BE1100 BE1130 BE1131 BE1151<br />BE1302 BE1319 BE1328 BE1350 BE1351 BE1430<br />BE1431 BE1432 BE1436 BE1460 BE1480 BE1490<br />BE1491 BE1492 BE1560 BE1650 BE1690 BE1691<br />BE1692 BE2045 BE2140 BE2180 BE2210 BE2330<br />BE2340 BE2450 BE3101 BE3200 BE3311 LP1320<br />LP1420 LP2610 LP2610Z LP2611 LP26117 LP2811<br />MF2197 MF2297 99<br /><br />DIGI master vehicle Airbag available<br />Plant models<br />Audi 8A0959655B<br />Audi 4B0959655G<br />Audi 4B0959655J<br />Audi 4B0959655B<br /><br />Digimster adapters list<br /><br />Name forms<br /><br /><br />1 BMW adapter can be new types BMW1357<br />SER, E87E90E91E60 E6Xe66CAS<br /><br /><br />2I 9S12 adapter 2005 BENZ S E C Class, 2004-BNW 5ser E60<br /><br />3I E65E66 CAS ODB2 BMW 7ER E65E66 CAS modified via OBD-II<br /><br />4I Diagnostic adapter BENZ, BMW, AUDI VW<br /><br /><br />5I ZC E Odometer Class W203 DiagAdp diagnostic socket<br /><br /><br />6I NEC adapter each MCU NEC panel<br /><br /><br />7 E65E66 Adapter 2001-2004 BMW 7SER, 2003 "Rover Freelander<br />2003-2005 BMW Mini Cooper<br /><br />8I W211 adapter 2 001-2004 BENZ category<br /><br /><br />9 W203W220 2002-2004 class BENZ S C-Class<br /><br />10 Universal adapter EEPROM memory by the global program of de welding machine<br /><br /><br />99-2001 Cherokee Grand Cherokee<br /><br /><br />12 ZON Council Progadp II 1.All Motorola CPU9 unsecured programming.<br /> Program memory by soldering on a circuit<br /><br />13. Lexus LS400 adapter 91-94 EEPROM NDM457C 18pin<br /><br /><br />Running example<br />1. Diagnostic socket: by connecting with the diagnostic socket without removing the cluster<br />2. Block socket: by connecting the outlet block without opening the Duster.<br />3. Memory on-board programming: By welding chip on the correct adapter.<br />4. Memory in the programming department: through the contacts welding in the circuit board.<br />5. MCU to program the Council: through the CPU welding on the correct adapter.<br />6. MCU in proramming Department: Communication through welding in the circuit board.

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