Aeolion C2822kv1200 Brushes Red Cross for cars to get on a helicopter


<br />Specification<br /><br />Rotational Speed: 1200 KV RPM V<br />Continuation of the current: 15A<br />Maximum. Current: 25A<br />Input voltage: 6 - 11.1V<br />Maximum. Efficiency: 98<br />No load current: 0.5A<br />Internal Resistance: 382m Omega<br />Power: 135W<br />Motor Weight Motor only: 35g<br />Engine dimensions diameter length: X 22mm and 28MM<br />Fan dimensions: 8 "x 5" 8 " 6" 9 "x 5"<br />Input battery types: NiCd NiMH Li-Po battery<br />Recommend Model: plane<br /><br />Package Contents<br />1 Aeolian C2822KV1200 Outrunner Brushless<br />3 the golden connector<br />Car Accessories

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