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<br />Manufacturing Kappa Iran PCS<br />The plant features Nzyrtryn largest aluminum and unique from specific countries <br /><br />Kappa manufactures Akpa<br /><br />Major producers of aluminum products in the Middle East<br /><br />Largest producer of aluminum sections and not Nzyrtryn specific European<br /><br />Design and production of specific sections of Bryk, aluminum intake with modern technology Kvyynch the Palestinian Legislative Council, Pvlr, Myzatvmatyk Alktrvastayk color, equipment and supplies related to a specific Nadayz<br /><br />Features of production line machines and aluminum door and window products<br /><br />View specific manufacturer, paint aluminum Bryk thermal electricity, and equipment Nadayz<br /><br />For the first time with the participation of Turkey and Iran<br /><br />Design and production of aluminum profiles<br /><br />Plan for diversity and combinations of EU foreign:<br />Projects sections fully professional by a professional and experienced engineers to the test several times it was.<br /><br />The use of automatic machines<br /><br />Design and production features for all weather conditions in Iran<br /><br />Production lines are equipped with electrostatic paint, anodized and equipment wood and stone <br /><br />Production features over thousands of colors according to your needs<br /><br />Benefits of specific products, and company profiles Akpa:<br />1 - can be supplied in various colors Padrkvt, equipment and Anodizing<br />2 - supplies for the use of modern European<br />3 - Resistance to ultraviolet light<br />4 - the stability of the color in the sun<br />5 - to reduce costs<br />6 - energy saving<br />7 - profiles are beautiful and graceful textures<br />8 - to reduce environmental pollution<br />9 - according to international standards, and ..<br /><br />Large aluminum producers in the Middle East<br />1 - aluminum door and window<br />2 - Aluminium: Los vision glass window, and display the Louvre Laml<br />3 - aluminum<br />4 - Aluminum specific<br /><br />Aluminum and specific heat Akpa Bryk<br /><br />Bank of aluminum<br />Call me PLZ 989134110342

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