Anion anti-bacteria and water park complex faucet spout for withdrawal


<br />1. Key Features effect of antibacterial Anion kitchen which is generated 114,800 negative ions semi-permanent performance healthy water to your kitchen filter reduce chlorine and toxic substances, a bad smell and strong structure ensures durability and reliability design is not the tradition and performance Criteria type kitchen faucet stems both flexibility and withdrawal, with the aerator available. 2. Features are designed especially Anion FlowWater kitchen sink faucets and antibacterial, which was established specifically to deliver water to all the health point of water use in the home. Now, simply by changing the existing faucet spout is time to consider the quality of water we use to wash dishes, fruits and vegetables in the sink. Combining your faucet kitchen sink with technology FlowWater Hydro electricity is dynamic NHD ensures the delivery of safe water, clean and refreshing. 1 in the washing kitchen utensils, They are cleared completely with lukewarm water only by the decomposition of organic materials such as oil and foreign matter without washing-up liquid. 2 washing fruits and vegetables, and clean without fruit and vegetables, detergents and removes all types of harmful substances, and to preserve the freshness of long-term relationship with taste and smell. 3 Do not drool and maintains the cleanliness of the kitchen to the banks and that no strings are clothed with mud. 4 removal of harmful substances and reduces the concentration of substances harmful to health, including iron, potassium permanganate, chlorine, soluble in water. 5 to prevent odors and because of the work of decomposition, and smells bad drain basin limit. 6 Anti-bacterial and ensure cleanliness of the water of all bacteria. 7 Do not sink blocked and helps maintain the cleanliness of the drains were blocked by without foreign substances that break down organic matter. 3. Options to buy 1 seedlings, aerator 2 only kitchen faucet tub with aerator and the bud

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