<br />Yantai I.G. Produce Co., Ltd is a foreign invested company, China's manufacturing and is an integral part of a group "IG" India.With of more than 40 years of experience in the industry of fresh fruit, and the IG group was a sign of confidence and credibility in the fruit line.The group now has nearly twenty branches in India and China. Yantai I.G. Limited production has a cold store and packing facility, and a total storage capacity of up to 4000MT in which they are controlled 2600MT 1400MT in the atmosphere and the regular cold storage and packaging area also 4000Sq.m. Seasonal availability: Fuji apple, from October to August Next, a long-term storage rack and golden delicious apples, from September to December Qinguan apples, in the period from September to next March, Apple Gala, from August to October Huaniu apples, in the period from September to next March, Apple Jiguan, from October to the January next Size: 24,28,32,36,40,44,54,60,66,70, 72,80,88,100,113,125,138,150,163,175,198,216

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