Aquarium air pump pump blower


<br />Energy: from 0.18KW - 7.5KW<br />Product brief introduction to feature as follows:<br />1 well designed and the improvement of the latest technology of Europe, which makes low noise, low vibration, dynamic stability and full.<br /><br /><br />2 Does the CE, ISO9001: 2000 certificate. Molded with high strength aluminum alloy.<br /><br />3 The rotating parts are not in contact with the cover. No friction during operation, no internal lubrication. Gas passing through the device, and therefore is still not completely free of contaminated oil.<br /><br /><br />4 You can make long-term process smooth with low noise, long life, high temperature resistance.<br /><br /><br />5 in the structure with a stable front to make antenna. Suitable to be packed in cardboard boxes and wooden crate.<br /><br /><br /><br />Application:<br /><br />It is used to grow plant decorations, ventilation seafood in hotels, restaurants, kiosks seafood, nutrition and other gathering, and is also used to provide air to spare parts for machine food and medical instruments, parts and paper, and printers net, makers of the panel nature, liquild, packaging and electric welding machines, mechinary film, cleaning cloth dry cleaning the air, etc.

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