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<br />China as a leading manufacturer of professional doors, and we can produce a pure solid wood doors, doors and wood veneer and MDF, Flush door of wood, plastic wood door, wood fire <br />1, passed the certification: ISO 9001: 2000, and the protection of the environment, and other quality certificate;<br />2, timber: sapeli Africa, Burma, walnuts, and red cherry, and oak in the European Union, and pears, Brazil, Malaysia and teak, oak and pine Thailand and China, Northeast China Fir <br /><br />3, and organizational structure: a make the doors of wood, one piece;<br />B by making the doors finger jointed solid OAK<br />C Provision of wooden doors in the solid compound,<br />D the nature of paint beeswax solid wood veneer or other<br />Treatment is finished surface of the coating layer of the six quality paint coating, PU finish<br /><br />Size: 2040 863 150mm, and the size of customed available.<br /><br />4, and additional accessories: locks, hadles, hinges, peephole, and the viewer, rubber seal, installation bolt<br />5, Packing: plastic film foam carton board strong<br />6, size, design, color, equipment: According to your requirement<br />7, all the doors using a piece of solid wood lintel, and the chase or the door of a beautiful embossed paper hand.<br />8, OEM and ODM available, MOQ: 20 sets Delivery Time: 25 days40HQ.<br />9, any need or question do not hesitate to ask U.S. to send instructions and e-marketing.<br />Capacity of 10 containers,: 150pcs20Ft, 360pcs40Ft, 400pcs40HQ different on your virtual

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