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<br />Do you have difficulty in finding suitable Chinese supplier Do you want to import lower cost in China product Perhaps you also have another problem in China, many facing the market.<br />Shanghai ruiyou tension and Services Agency is a professional business service company in China, and aims to facilitate business between foreign buyers or sellers and their counterparts in China.<br />Is included on the service we provide as follows:<br />Tension 1.supplier, achieving the business, market research, and audit the factory, quality control and inspection, and make this service to find the appropriate resource at the lowest cost, and avoid the problem of unexpected business.<br /> service include customs, norms and the Decisions and clear, and will provide this service, shipping your goods to you quickly and in a timely manner.<br />3. Fair booth application, if you want to explore the market in the Canton Fair, we can help you get a booth.<br />4.visatranslationhotel booking reservations tickets<br />In fact, we act as your office in China, but the cost will be much lower than China's own office, and our professional experience and ability will improve your business efficiency and reduces the risk cost and time in China. Of course, all the information your business be in secret on our side.<br />Under our past more than ten years experience in working for Peny JC and so on, you can enjoy our valuable service and save more.

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