Ascorbic acid


<br />Product Name: ascorbic acid. Specifications: BP2010USP32; 1.Appearance: white crystals or crystalline powder, almost white; 2.Bulk density: 0.7gml; point 3.Melting: 190.9 ; 4.PH: 2.4 and 5. Clarity of solution: clear; 6.Color of the solution: BY7; 7.Copper: 5ppm; metals 8.Heavy 10ppm; 9.Mercury: 0.1mgkg; 10.Lead: 5mgkg and 11. Arsenic: 3ppm; 12.Cadmium CD: 1mgkg; acid 13.Oxalic: 0.2; 14.Iron: 2ppm; 15: Loss of drying: 0.4; ash 16.Sulphate residues on ignition: 0.1, 17: optical rotation specified: 20.88; 18.Assay: 99,93; 19.Total plate count: 100cfu; 20.Yeast and mold: 100cfu;

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