Ascorbic acid


<br />Packing: 25kgcarton<br /><br />Specifications:<br />Name ascorbic acid<br />CAS No. 50-81-7<br />Chemical formula C6H8O6<br />Standard BP2008USP31FCCV<br />Terms of specifications<br />The emergence of a white crystalline powder<br />Identify a positive reaction<br />Of the solution is clear and clarity<br />Color of the solution BY7<br />Assay 99.5 100.5<br />Specific rotation of 20.5 21.5<br />Melting point of 190 -192 <br />PH 2,1-2,6<br />Loss on drying 0.4<br />Oxalate 0.2<br />Sulfated ash 0.1<br />Heavy metals 10ppm<br />Mercury 1ppm<br />Arsenic 3ppm<br />Copper 5ppm<br /> 2ppm iron<br />Leads 3ppm<br /><br />If you need more information, please contact us by e-mail: kepuway at

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