Asphalt paver sps90


<br />Was developed SPS90 paving roads paving versatile by the company, which is suitable for paving highways and the base surface. They absorb advanced technology from foreign machine, and high automation, easy operation and high efficiency make it the perfect device for the user. Creeping of the machine hydraulic fully paid and controlled by small computer with constant speed, so you can diagnose the failure, and controls the sensor material transfer and separation of automatically; be installed settlement system imported, and key parts such as pumps, reducers, anti-corrosion materials, the small computer and all products imported, and ensure the machine and advanced high performance. Model: SPS90 Type: creeping teacher basic technical specifications paving width mm 3000 view Maxmium paving mm 9000 a minimum thickness of pavement mm 20 Maximum thickness of the paving of 320 Speed km h speed from 0 to 2.9 Paving m min 0-19 softness Sigma 1.2mm on the surface of asphalt 6mm3m NDP arc stabilized soil road 3 max. Theory of production t h 700 Hopper capacity t 14 Max. Climbing ability 20 of the total size of 6610 3100 2930 Engine status: Style D6114ZG1B: six-cylinder, water cooled, and power: diesel oil 140kW2300rmin tank L 345

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