Automotive diagnostic oscilloscope dso3064 Kit II


<br />Diagnostic features of cars: 1 Ignition primary and secondary 2 injectors and fuel pumps 3 Starter and 7 circles battery charger 4, generators, engines, beginning 5 Ways to Lambda, airflow, and sensors map plugs Glow 6 relays timer can be a bus, Bus Lane and FlexRay 4 channels and EXT Trigger, bandwidth 60MHz. 200MS s sampling rate in real time, 10K - 16M memory depth per channel. Frequency counter-terrorism, and FFT spectrum analysis. 8 - 36V wide range of input voltage, and appropriate to test the strength of the car. USB 2.0 Interface Plug and Play, and wireless LAN and optional. More than 20 types of automatic measurement function, the success failure check function, is suitable for the application of engineering. Industrial design excellence, and a similar interface with vibrational bench. Easy to use. PS: In Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 DEMO Supply Code VC, VB, LABVIEW and technical support.

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