Baby crib


<br />No. : MC803<br />2.Product name: wooden baby crib, cradle and<br />: Germany solid beech wood<br />: Natural wood texture, the color of natural wood<br />5.Dimension: 1230 730 950 mm<br />6. Apply the region: suitable for child's room<br />: Aesthetic, safe and forbearence.<br />Wheel 8.Universal, can move comfortably and curtain<br />9 Baby crib, with a large courtyard inside the cradle, warm and comfortable fit cradle of wood for a new baby<br /> And can be folded down bed rail<br />Can open a bed and prolonging <br />12.Playpen formed while cutting down a wooden board<br />Placed beside the bed adults when lowered by rail<br />14.with bumper baby, children and the prevention of collision<br />15.With drawer at the bottom of the bed, and easy to store

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