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<br />BB-100 infant incubator standard<br />Function features:<br /><br />Complications of existing treatments to control<br />Temperature system<br />Temperature shown by the LED<br />Alarm functions:<br />Power failure;<br />Over the temperature;<br />Temperature deviation;<br />Temperature sensor failure;<br />Fan failure;<br /> Determine the temperature 37<br />The keypad lock to prevent inadvertent changes<br />Preparation<br />Second, thermal cut-off function for more safety<br />Humidity is adjustable in the second row<br />Heating energy before the Panel<br />Infant bed inclination angle is adjustable<br />Trough for pulling and pushing, which is<br />Appropriate to add the water and wash<br />Fan with low noise and long life span,<br />Deviation of temperature and temperature above<br />And can be modified directly in the front panel<br />Slience reset button for the warning<br />6 running Windows, double-sided access<br />And can be turned around the Windows operating<br />Support bracket<br />An electric heater is cut out in the case of air temperature<br />Inside incubator exceed 40

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