Bag 5pcs goat hair cosmetic brush set


<br />Bag 5pcs cosmetic brush set<br /><br />Materials from hair hair length with a total length<br />Powder BJF Goat Hair Brush 34-35mm 15cm and<br />Blush brush goat hair BJF 24-34mm 15cm and<br />Angle of pony hair and eyes 15cm 10MM<br />His eyes, hair brush 15cm pony and 10MM<br />Poetry Corner weasel eyelinner 4-15cm and 6MM<br /><br /><br />2.Length brush of hair: Optional<br /><br />3.Diameter brush of hair: Optional<br /><br />4.Package: each bag brush in PE, and full makeup brush set in a leather bag<br /><br /> Is acceptable if you want to order one makeup brush<br /><br />6.with PU leather bag, the size of a bag to unfold: 22 X 18cm<br /><br /> OEM design<br /><br /><br /><br />8.We is one of the leading factories specilized in cosmetic brush for more than 6 years, and we are confident of quality, we are committed to advance. Please contact us if any application. Thank you.

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