Bamboo fiber scarf


<br />Bamboo fiber scarf shawl is a perfect gift item in the private and gift company. Bamboo fiber is manufactured by means of hight technology without any chemical additives. Soft as silk and fiber and is itching to him with no static electricity and nice delicate baby's skin. Bamboo fiber is anti-bacterial and kill Bacillus spores by 75 throughout the day. Moisture absorption is up to 3 times better than cotton. In addition to that - can not bamboo fibers prevent extremism effectively from UV to the body without any discomfort on the skin. Since the fibers are made of bamboo raw materials, environmentally friendly and sustainable development, our range of bamboo fiber is an ideal choice for those with the protection of the environment in mind, as well as skin and personal interests and health care. We are able to offer a wide range of clothing and textiles made from bamboo fibers to Walreda men and women and children. Selection of various items such as T-shirts, underwear, bathrobes, socks, towels, and much more. Many colors are available. Please contact us for more information about the unique capabilities of textiles made from bamboo fibers.

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