Barrel bath, bamboo bathroom cabinet


<br />Name: bathtub<br />Size: 1500MM 680mm 600mm<br />Material: Bamboo<br /><br />1.Yuanshan bathroom more beautiful and more durable<br />Distortion and drying <br /> Product protection with Eli<br /><br />Features of bamboo:<br />1. High quality products Yuanshan use of 3-5 years of age phyllostachys pubescens and basic materials. Bretton bamboo undergo rigorous processes high-temperature carbonization, evaporation and drying, insect resistance to treatment, and prevention of corrosion treatment, etc.;<br /><br />2. Their patterns of bamboo and clear, natural color and luster, and a pleasant fragrance, texture, elegant and modern;<br /><br />3. Bamboo wood has a high density, and density of large, sound-proof and water features;<br /><br />4. Wood, bamboo also has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation properties;<br /><br />5. Easily installed and washed, and a bucket of bamboo does not require routine

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