Bearing Nu ml 1032


<br />Cylindrical roller 2, Model: 21309,21310,21312,22205,22206,22208,22209,22210,22211,22212,22213,22214, 22215,22216,22217,22218,22219,22220,22222,22224,22226,22228, 22230.22232, 22308,22309,22310,22311,22312,22313,22314,22315,22316,22317,22318.22320, 22322,22324,23122,23240, etc. 3, Price: 0.13 to 2004 dollars, retainer: Cooper cage , nylon retainer, retainer steel, bakelite retainer, etc. 5, Quality standard: ISO9001: 2000 system passed the 6 and Delivery of securities and commodities on a large ready. 7, the advantage: low noise, high speed, long life 9, packaging export ordinary, and packed with cardboard, and will then be displayed pallet if necessary is the brand 10.ourself wxst, hello to you in the system with our brand we welcome your inquiry and chat online at any time and your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.

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