Beer fill dam 3 - in-1 machine


<br />1. The main feature<br />Series of equipment combines a soft drink bottle washing, filling, capping functions in one device. Device design is a scientific and reasonable. The appearance of a beautiful and full function. It is easy to operate and maintain.<br />High automation. Is controlled in the whole machine by PLC with touch screen. Can control the amount of bottles automatically. It will stop working automatically when there is no bottle. When they are packed with bottles of error or when the caps are not available, and can stop the device automatically.<br />2. The main parameter<br /><br />Conditional GDF18186 GDF24248 GDF323210 GDF404010<br />Production capacity b h 6000 8000 12 000 15 000<br />The mobilization of capital 18 243 240<br />Washing head 18 243 240<br />Crowned heads of 681 010<br />Total power k 5.18 6.58 8.18 9.2<br />Applicable to the type of PET bottle, round, square bottle

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