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<br />Most families in rural China Cook and heat their homes using stoves that burn coal or wood. Domestic energy use is a significant contributor to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The use of coal in the strings especially for dangerous levels of indoor air pollution, and contributes to the quality of air in the open air of the poor in many of China as well. There are considerable resources of biomass residues such as straw, corn cobs, which can be used as fuel, but the current stove designs that do not burn effectively. And we can improve the stove burning crop residues, both loose and compressed into pellets, as well as wood. By partially gasifying the fuel, and then burn the gas with the air high school, and a stove to achieve high efficiency more than 40, and low emissions. Use this with templates straw burner instead of coal reduces the cost of cooking and heating, and check the reduction of tons of CO2 per year. Instead, families can cook with firewood cut their consumption of wood. Oven reduces the concentrations of air pollutants in the kitchen, it cooks fast, easy and safe to use. And awarded the Innovation Award we are excellent Shell Foundation in 2007 to a high efficiency, low biomass household emissions of furnaces in China and abroad, and since then, fireplaces have won consecutive years to an attempt by the stove Tibet and the Ministry of Agriculture, 1, 1 project area, oven, as well as demonstration project provide energy for cooking. Thanks to the joint efforts of the foreign distributors, we have a growth of more than 120 in the sale of the last three years. Our production per month can be up to groups of 5000, and we welcome your participation to do something together in the world enviromental protection and energy saving.

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