Black Master 9903


<br />Model: J9903<br />This model consists of carbon black pigmentation good carrier PE, and additives death. Carbon black by 33.<br /><br />Appearance: 2.2 2.5mm black grain<br /><br />Application: thermal poly resin injection, blowing film, CD to pump casting and production of paper,<br /><br />Ownership: High blackness and disperssion good, and the most suitable for the production of polyresin,<br /><br />Use: Combine with the articles.<br /><br />It was suggested that 1-5: dose.<br /><br />Technical document:<br />Density: 25 1400kgm3<br />Melting point :130-180 <br />Melting speed: 30g10min<br />Water: 0.10<br /><br />Package: 25kg per bag, bag of KP or white PE bag.<br /><br />Storage: in cool, dry place warehose, avoid the sun shining and the sky is raining.<br /><br />Note: The index is based on the outcome of the test, not as a specific index.

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