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<br />Baoding founder RES WHUA Machinery Co. Ltd.. Specialized in the production block machine, brick machine, block machine, brick making machine, construction machinery, etc..<br /><br />FZQT6-18Automatic block making machine and block machine introduction.<br /><br />The power of 32kw<br />Total weight 13500Kg<br />Size mm 3600 2400 2900<br />Form of pressure vibration vibration molding<br />Frequency times min 4500<br />Splint size 870 685 38mm<br />Type the number of output specifications per hour<br />Block 390 190 190 6piece 1200<br />Concrete brick 240 115 53 30piece 7200<br />Porous brick 240 115 90 15piece 3000<br />Earth brick 200 100 60 21piece 4200

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