Bone nuts and saddles


<br />We supply nuts bone blank, saddles bones, and classic empty saddle guitar bone compensation, empty promises saddle bone, before the split bones classical guitar nut, before the slotted bone guitar nuts LP my voice, my voice saddle guitar bone compensation, west of Walnut bone guitar, saddle bone, bone nut Dobro guitar,<br /><br />Sizes: accourding also to customer requirements<br />Saddle 45x5x10 mm<br />Saddle 48x6, 4x12, 7 mm<br />Saddle 50x5x10 mm<br />Saddle 54x6, 4x12, 7 mm<br />Saddle 55x5x10 mm<br />Saddle 35x4, 8X8 mm<br />Saddle 56x6, 4x12, 7 mm<br />60x7x12 mm<br />107x2, 4x10 mm<br />107x2, 4x12 mm<br />107x2, 4x8 mm<br />107x3, 2x10 mm<br />107x3, 2x12 mm<br />107x3, 2x8 mm<br />120x3, 2x10 mm<br />Bridge support 85x2, 4x12 mm<br />Bridge support 85x2, 4x14, 3 mm<br />Bridge support 85x3, 2x12 mm<br />Bridge support 85x3, 2x14, 3 mm<br />95x5x12 mm

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