calcium chloride desiccants


1. Materials Desiccant Specifications (1)Calcium Chloride based (2)It’s able to absorb more than 200 percent its weight at 25°C, RH80%. (3)Complies with FDA, EPA, EFSA regulations for food safety, environmental safety, and non-toxic disposal The desiccant must be free from DMF (see EU directive 2009/251/EC) (Remark: Dimethyl Fumarate is a biocide used to prevent mould growth on products but can leak from the desiccant bag and contaminate the food.) 2. Material application Desiccant should be placed in the area with the greatest concentration of moisture vapor; therefore the following two options are available: (1)Seal all passive container vents with duct-tape. (2)Container floor, check the moisture content (MC), a high MC in excess of 20% can increase risk of moisture damage. (3)Desiccant should be evenly hanged at the top of the container side walls. 3. Specification available They are designed in different sizes to suit your needs. Our desiccant package ranges from sac to hanging type. 1) Sac: S10/ S25/ S50 / S100/ S250 / S2000 2) Hanging: H500/ H750/ H1000 "Customized products" available TOPDRY Desiccant is applied in the protection of a wide range of cargoes including agricultural products, wooden products, electronic goods, leather goods, metal products, textiles and so on. 3. Disposal A licensed contractor or carrier should dispose of desiccant according to country regulations. The desiccant (Calcium Chloride) can be disposed with regular waste.

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