Car GPS Tracker


<br />GPS Tracker, which set multiple functions of accurately positioning, security and surveillance monitoring, alarms in emergencies and keep track on the whole, especially for vehicles.<br />Product fully supports the functions of SMS GPRS Internet data transmission, to make it more widely used scheduling monitoring of emergency situations, and, location-based services, traffic safety and many other areas of management.<br /><br />Detailed description,<br /><br />It is based on GSM GPRS 85090018001900MHZ Internet wireless telecommunications, wireless and GPS satillite global position, and keep track of several ways.provide program to monitor and track the World time through the control program in your computer, through a cell phone and PDA tracking googleearth.<br /><br />Features and functions<br /> Small cubes and dimension: 54mm 62mm 26mm, weight: 120G, easy to hide.<br /> Support the direction of the Custodian without the prompt: can see real-time latitude and longitude, time and speed. General map using the software and enter the longitude and latitude manually, you can see real-time information of the situation.<br /> If the goal is to inquire into the parking lot under the ground or other GPS blind area, and will inform you tracking another direction.<br /><br /> After the engine stop and resume.<br /> Tracking function by timing and frequency of<br /> The number of authorized, added and deleted function<br /> Support hidden alarm function observer<br /> Geographic fence: Setting geographic fence of the unit to restrict its movements within the province. Unit will send the message to the authorized numbers when it breaches the district.<br /> Power failure alarm.<br /> Door alarm<br /> Alert the ACC<br /> Movement alert: you can set up barriers when you stop the car. Moved once, it can give warning to the number they are accredited.<br /> Over speed alarm: you can make the target in the long inspection, according to a constant speed. This bothers me when they are speeding.<br /> Low batttery alarm function<br /> Check the status of vehicle<br /><br />Optional functions:<br /> Quiver of alarm<br /><br />Application trends:<br />Vehicle fleet logistics rental cars<br /><br /><br />Technology parameter:<br /> GPS chip: SIRF3chip<br /> GPS sensitivity:-159dBm<br /> GPS accuracy: 5M<br /> Time to fix the first case of cold 45S, 35S develop a warm, Hot 1S state

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