Carbide insert


<br />1. More than ten million and one to invest in the purchase of more than 70 pieces of equipment and production lines and now has 15 200 000 pieces of production, per month, and to ensure that a physical inventory to maintain a million pieces stockage, and to ensure a smooth handover on time. 2. Perfect because of the substrate, obtained superior corrosion resistance and durability. It is good for general purposes. 3. New TiALN enhance wear resistance and durability, because it can not be used in several sectors of the high-speed, and can be used especially in the sectors of stainless steel. 4. Innovative design and advanced chip breaker to ensure the lowest resistance to cutting, and increased breaking strength and stiffness, and improve the lives of the inclusion of the time, and ensure the smooth control of the chip. 5. Due to complete the grinding machine, high precision cutting edges reservation on the quality of excellent pieces. 6. Passivation time twice longer than the other can give another substrate, and a link to the best coating, and enhance the strength and impact resistance of the cutting edge, and improve life. 7. Full test to the degree of full coverage of the needs of the producing thread, and reflect a professional manufacturer of the subject. Develop a successful method, especially for the U-pitch thread large size and style of the last small thread pitch. 8. The concept of quality through inspection in each process, each step, and the inclusion of all completely affordable and 100 guaranteed product cost high-performance, and meet the various levels customers'needs

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