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<br />Nantong is located Aoli Netting Industrial Co., Ltd. in Port Yangkou, Nantong. Mainly engaged in fishing nets, nets, agricultural, sports networks. The main production equipment has five groups of machines to knotted net, four groups of machines for knotless net machine and one set for the development of networks more smoothly. The most important products of our PE fishing net, Nylon Multifilament Net. Bird protection net, cargo net Football net, volleyball net, sports of tennis and other net net. PE.PP material goods NET: Net polyethylene. Polypropylene net. UV treatment. Net type: net knotted. knotless net yarn size: the size of a friendly network 2mm.2.5mm.3mm.3.5mm.4mm.4.5mm.5mm: 40mm 40mm.45mm 45mm.60mm 60mm.100mm size 100mm.etc net: 1.4M 2.5M .1.6 m 3m.2m 3m.1.8m 3.5m.2m 4m.etc color: side rope: rope pe.pp. Dia rope 4mm.5mm.6mm.7mm elactic: Rubber or latex rope. 5mm.6mm amicably.

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