Carpentry engraving machine


<br />1imported evidence box in a row, double-row ball slider 4, the load-bearing capacity, and smooth, and high accuracy and long life. Import of high-precision ball screw, and the accuracy of a knife.<br />2 software compatibility, and is compatible with type3ArtcamCastmate Wentai, and other software design CAD CAM.<br />Can choose 3 pump surface, and vacuum adsorption and imports of oil-free vacuum pump brands to solve cold weather, the water cycle and the problem of pump of the case.<br />Can 4 and a computer completely separate from the remote process of the operating system interface USB DSP<br />5, in the campaign can be a high-speed stepper motor and engine, twin vertical engine cars, and high-speed operation up to 35 meters a minute row empty over the speed with pieces carved spindle speed strongly improved more.<br />Main application:<br />Woodworking industries: three-dimensional processing panel wave, doors wardrobe, wooden doors, wooden doors process, and doors Wenqi, screens, processing window, Cawaji, and reservoirs of the video game panels, Majiangzhuo, computer table and panel processing furniture help.

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